Thursday, October 21, 2010

How do 13 year old boys flirt?

i have this crush and he knows i like him but he said he doesnt like me but he still flirts with me and my friends noticed him following right bhind me at lunch,we are sorta friends,so what are some wingns he really is into me?

ps%26gt;when ever i get all dressed up for school he makes little remarks,like one day he said i look like rosey o donnel's lover,and one day i was arm wressleing him but he wouldnt try so we had to hold eachothers hands but whenhe did try i beat him then he told every one i only one cause my fat weighed him down.How do 13 year old boys flirt?
I would love to save your question and show it to you when you are twenty. Your future self would get a good laugh. You are way, way, way too young to be dating or chasing boys. He is simply a very immature boy, as all are at that age.

Concentrate on school, friends, hobbies. Dating is foolish at this stage in your life.How do 13 year old boys flirt?
13 year old boys flirt BADLY!!!

They are only children... :D
by being very mean
Dont bother.
UHhh..... try talking 2 him and tell him 2 be serious with YOU! or even try talking 2 one of his friendS!
They flirt alot

ive been that age i would know. lol

but right now im almost 16


He might not REALIZE hes flirting. But you never know.
well im a 13 year old boy so id know they really dont we just sit waiting for a girl to come to us
i think he likes you , he tries to get your attention , you know boys usually develope more slowly so he ll try to win u over using methods such as pulling y hair rather than simply asking u out
Hey girl im also 13 and guys are so confusing !!! if u wanna talk more and hav msn my addie
When you are a boy that age and above you are afraid of what people will say about you if you are different. So the way to tell is to be alone and ask him how he feels about you and don't go running to tell your girlfriends because that is what they hate. Unless you are popular because it is all about fake image in most of life.
This boy is an *** hole if he liked you he would not make fun of you.Only elementary kids flert by hitting you .Forget about him.Find some one cutter ,sweeter and nicer.

HE IS A JERK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

need more advice ask me again.

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  1. I am a 13 year old girl and i think a guy likes me so I will tell you what he does for me. During class he pulls my hair and messes with my chair and pulls my desk towards him and outside when i am waiting for my parents he pushes me sligtly so i push him. He says after that "awww so you want to hold my hand?" then he smiles and hangs on to my hands. another thing he does is plays a hand slap game and when he slaps my hand he holds on to it. so that what he does. i hope this helps!! :)