Thursday, October 21, 2010

How do 14 year old boys flirt with a girl they like?

prefer if you are 14 to answer, but anyone is welcome!How do 14 year old boys flirt with a girl they like?
im two years old than fourteen (: but you said anyone is welcome, so helllloo.

here are my tips, hope you enjoy.

F- is for flatter. The fastest way to a persons heart is by complimenting them. Find something you really like about that person, there hair, the way they act ect. and compliment them on it. make sure you find multiple things you like and compliment away. don't use stupid compliments like oh your eyes are pretty when there really not. make it sincere.

L- is for listen. People love when you listen to them, it shows that you are really interested in that person and really care what they are talking about. Besides the biggest aphrodisiac is listning.

I- is for interests. Find things you have in commen with that person, don't find to many it will just freak them out and make it like your stalking them just find a couple of things in commen. like what kinds of music you like, movies, ect.

R- is for responible. Don't lie, don't send mixed messages, be straight up. Guys are completly confused about girls so don't try and confuse them more than what they already lie. Don't choose inapropriate flirting partners such as your friends boyfriend/girlfriend. Don't make it where flirting will hurt anyone.

T- is for trusting yourself. Trust yourself, be confident, bold, and daring. Trust yourself that you will come out knowing that even if you didn't get the guy/girl that you wanted you can always be nice and friendly to that person.

S- is for smile. BODY LANGUAGE,BODY LANGUAGE,AND BODY LANGUAGE, can i stress it anymore? Smile, it will show the person that you are friendly and nice. If you smile, you might get one back =D.How do 14 year old boys flirt with a girl they like?
they kinda tease you,

and make fun of you nicely,

and bump into you and play.

they're confusing,

they sometimes try to get attention,

and stuff.
okay well im not 14 but i gotta say im pretty good! lol

start by just having random conversations with her... get to know her..

then kinda make some funny comments,,,,

make her laugh!

when you look at her, look her in the eyes...

occasionally bump her, like when your walking with her and stuff....

get her number.... call her sometime

and cheesy pickup lines work great!! give her a good laugh,,

then hit her up with the sweet ones!!

she'll love it!!

best of luck lil guy!!
They tease you a bit.

They seem obsessed with ';accidental'; contact.

They are constantly bugging you about pointless things. ';Hey, I see you're eating an orange.';

They joke around a lot around you.

And a lot of other things.
Playful insults, but they never go too far. They touch you them alot, always finding excuses to touch the girl alot. Guys joke around alot, and like to make girls laugh. And the most obvious method, it's not as originol, and maybe kinda creepy if you do it too much, but compliments on appearance. Compliments on personalities are much more appreciated, though :) honestly, they mean a WHOLE lot more
im 15 just finished my freshman year

whenever you take interest in a girl (start calling/texting more, hanging out more, paying more attention when your around them) they usually take notice and give a little of the same back.

i usually text girls i like during the day just so they know im thinkging of them. another thing i do that gets good results is challenge them to things, like when a girl says she just got finished basketball or whatever she does, just be like o yea? i bet i could take you in one on one. little bit of playful competition.

other than that when you start getting close to her just talk about dating/relationships and wenever you feel comfortable you just have to tell her straight out that your interseted. girls like it, trust me
Do their homework or play doctor
im 14... im a girl, but ive observed how boys flirt w/me

they usually:

look at a girl when they think shes not lookin

smile a lot

play around (ie puchin, pushin, all fun and games)

touch the girl a lot (not in a bad way, but rest your hand on her shoulder, play with her hair)

just play around and have fun!!! be careful not to make her uncomfortable, that really bad!!!
WELL GUYS DON'T FLIRT WITH ME MUCH!but i am still confident about them you know they flirt when you seeing them get a pencil for you when you dropped one or a folder and they tease you a whole lot which what comes up to saying boys are obnoxious.Anyways guys are spreading different signals and be careful with a guy he might be cheating on you.
. When I was 14, I'd try to rub up against thier Private Parts. Feels good.

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