Thursday, October 28, 2010

How do I flirt in 6th grade?

I want to start flirting with boys but I'm in 6th grade and I can't go that far. How do I flirt in 6th grade? How do I flirt in 6th grade?
My first instinct as a mom is to say ';You don't!'; But I remember having crushes in the sixth grade and flirting. I would just smile and giggle at the boys I liked. Simple as that.How do I flirt in 6th grade?
Here is a bit of advice from a guy. Probably goes against some man code but here it is. If you try to grow up to fast or flirt too soon. Many guys will begin to see you as either easy or a tease. You may never do more then flirt but those first impressions that gives often effects what guys will come your way.
You are too young to be worried about flirting.

Before you know it you will be asking how to kiss..then have sex.

Don't try to grow up so quick.

Your still a kid, when I was your age I was still playing with dolls...

just be friends and smile. in 6th grade there is NO such thing as dating...there is normally some kissing and w/e but its ALWAYS because the kids are friends and at someones house together.
well i think it's ok do what you want to do, wear super sexy dresses ans show off your body, Again IF YOU WANT other wise just watch other girl and you just drink milk little girl..
by mail n chat
just smile and stuff and flirt! im in 6th grade too
you don't. you're probably 12 years old for God's sake...

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  1. What if your crush is your best friend and u like him but u dont know how to let him know?