Sunday, November 21, 2010

How do you flirt with a boy?

I thought I knew and I thought I was flirting with this boy (just like he asked me to do - he said he didn't get the feeling that I liked him. . ) so I need to know how to flirt with him cuz apparently I'm doing something wrong.

(we're not going out, we like each other and he's waiting two weeks to decide whether or not he wants to go out with me or move on. . )How do you flirt with a boy?
okay you have a time limit...? GROW UP

can you say desperate?How do you flirt with a boy?
just say him

kiss me

and f u ck me
dont play football with others sentiments , will be really very dangerous for u.
dont flirt plz if u really like anyone it really hurts
Find out what they're like, their sense of humour, interests, and such and just play with them a little. You can poke fun, kid around, do whatever. There really aren't rules for flirting.
relax flick ur hiar find out his interest chill wif his frdz there u go!
lol okay, well we all flirt in different ways, my way of flirting (which totally works for me) is this...

1) Always try to wear your hair down, ponytail just means that you wanna friends

2) Only apply mascara to your top lashes, you may not notice the differece it makes but it really does.

3) Dont get too worked up trying to dress pretty and girly if thats not how you really are, it just creates lies in the 'relationship' and besides most guys like girls who just act like thenselfs

This last one isnt for everyone, or every guy, It works for me though, i try to act like them. I play around, throw play punches. To the guys that i know that think its quote: ';sexy'; for a ';chick'; to be into Sports and Cars and all that guy junk. But in my defence, i Am like them im totally not a girlie girl...

well anyways i kinda got off topic there i hope i helped ya out!

GL with the lucky guy!
if he's giving you a time limit, and you have to prove yourself to him then don't waste your time even if you like him. that just means he's playing with your heart.

but as for the flirting question, be yourself, laugh, poke fun in a nice way, flick your hair, smile, talk about the same interests, compliment him [which makes his male ego much bigger and safer] and just... you know, care-free gestures.

but i advise you to stay away. he sounds a little like someone you'd date in the day, dump, get back together the same day, and dump the following six minutes.

it's possible, it happened to my friend.

but good luck for you.
You shouldnt have to flirt with him

For him to actually realize if he likes you

That means he wants to knoe how far youll go

when yall are together.

he wants to knoe how much you will do when you're with him

And if he needs two weeks

Then just walk away

No person deserves to be Doubted.
Ok well, he sounds like hes really not that into you if hes waiting to weeks two decide. I mean, how would a relationship go, if he is already setting time limits for you. (that's just my opinion)

Anyways, flirting comes from the heart. It's not anything you can be just like be trained to flirt. Half the time I don't even realize when im flirting. The only tips i can give you is smile, a lot. Laugh, joke around, and just have fun. Maybe if you have to try to flirt with him, he might not really be the right one for you....

Good Luck!
Smile, Laugh at his stupid Jokes

or just be yourself

Just remember it's not outside it counts, what's inside.

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